19/04/2024 | TFPA

April 18th 2024: We are thrilled to announce an important milestone in our growth journey.

After a year of mutually beneficial partnership, The Fintech and Payments Advisory Network (TFPA) and Chez FinTech have reached a decision to join forces under the TFPA umbrella – a move that marks an important step forward in our collective growth and impact.

As a result, Lana Tahirly Abdullayeva, former CEO & Founder of Chez FinTech is joining TFPA Board as an Executive Memeber.

Lana has spent decades in Tech & Fin launching, investing, and growing businesses across developed and fast-growing economies. Her work spans from well recognised global firms and market leaders (LBG, Experian, Barclays, TD, KPMG, BP), to fast-growing award-winning businesses and industry pioneers, as well as economic regulators.

Gregor Dobbie, CEO TFPA: having worked with Lana in the past, as well as more closely during the last year, I’m delighted Lana will be joining TFPA at this pivotal point in the growth of the firm. Lana has played an instrumental role in the global transformation towards the digital economy; and I’m pleased to be able to offer her unique insights to our clients.

Roger Bracken, Chair TFPA: Lana brings a distinctive mix of industry knowledge and technical expertise, alongside her exec and non-exec experience. We are incredibly excited by this next phase of rapid growth for TFPA and could not be happier to have Lana with us to help spearhead our continued progress.

Lana: Scientist by education, strategist by experience and visionary by heart, I’ve always been motivated by curiosity for new inventions, as well as passion for sustainable growth. TFPA is perfectly positioned to drive evolution of digital finance, enabling their clients to scale and expand, and fuel healthy growth to global economy. It’s a real honour to join the TFPA Board and a perfect opportunity to contribute to the cause.

TFPA is a boutique advisory business focused on helping companies within the fintech space scale and grow. We offer a range of services covering all aspects of commercialisation including both revenue growth and investment strategies. Our unique methodology is delivered by a team with practical, live experiences within the industry. TFPA also supports our clients in the execution of our advice thus enabling the company to become a trusted transformation partner.